Drum Classes

Complete Djembe Drum Course

About the Drum Classes

Classes are geared toward all student levels.
West African rhythms are poly-rhythmic in nature, such that there will always be a part which suits each student’s playing level. In this way, beginner, intermediate, advanced students can play together easily. Most importantly, these classes are FUN ! We have a GREAT time learning together and supporting each other through the individual/group process. Poly-rhythmic drumming trains the players to become acutely aware of each other, heightening and strengthening positive group dynamic.

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Group Lessons

Beginners 1pm – 2pm
intermediate 2pm – 4pm
Study West African rhythms in a group class setting. Play along with your peers as you learn accompaniments and solos for traditional rhythms.

Private Lessons

1 hour sessions
One-on-one personalized instruction for learning technique, posture, and overcoming any challenges you may have to comfortably play the Djembe.

Community Djembe Group

Every Sunday 4pm – 6pm
Join us for a all inclusive community drum lesson every Sunday. Bring your instruments and your dancing shoes and let loose to the sound of the drum.

Personal Practice

Your own time
One must discipline themselves to practice what they have learned in the group and private sessions. This is fundamental to truly incorporate the rhythms into muscle memory.

Instruments and Rhythms

Instruments covered are Djembe and Dunun. Beginner rhythms include Dansa and Donba, while the advanced rhythms include Maraka and Wassalounka. These four rhythms represent the 4 root feels found in West African music. Each root rhythm is comprised of fundamental Dunun and Djembe accompaniments. Beyond the accompaniment parts, each rhythm has fundamental solo Djembe/Dunun melodics or rides.

In class one can expect to learn how to:

  • Enter and exit rhythms
  • Perform dynamic singular and group solos
  • Execute breaks/audibles
  • Play for a dancer
  • Memorize all instrumentation
  • Recreate ensembles

I invite you to join us for ongoing drum classes. Without lengthy explanation the drum will guide you to the peace you seek. There is no rhythm without presence, when that presence becomes evident energy and ecstasy follow.

However nothing worth doing is easy so expect to work your body and mind in the pursuit. Than watch with wonder as your skills progress, your perceptions sharpen, and your body strengthens.

This practice will improve your memory, coordination and overall brain function. On a musical level your sense of timing, tempo, and swing will be greatly improved. Beyond technical training you will also be taught how to improvise based on your own intuition.

To play this type of music takes a communal effort. The more we drum together the more we see how the interconnection of each of our individual rhythms create one larger singular rhythm. The skills derived from communal drumming when applied to other community efforts greatly improve their efficiency and lend a light touch to ones efforts.
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