10th Annual Djembe Drum Playshop Dec 2019 – Mar 2020

West African rhythms are poly-rhythmic in nature, which invites drummers at all levels to be able to participate. Therefore, beginning, intermediate and advanced students can jam together harmoniously. Besides being inclusive, these classes are FUN ! We have a great time learning together and supporting each other through the individual/group process. Poly-rhythmic drumming necessitates that players listen to and be acutely aware of each other The reward is a heightened satisfying positive group dynamic.




December 2019

Dec 8-14 12-Hour Beginners’ Djembe Drum
Dec 15-21 12-Hour Ballet-Style Performance Drumming

January 2020

Jan 12-18 12-Hour Beginners’ Djembe Drum
Jan 19-25 12-Hour Traditional West African Djembe Music

February 2020

Feb 9-15 10-Hour Teacher Training Part 1
Feb 16-22 10-Hour Teacher Training Part 2
Feb 24-27 African Healing Dance