“Thanks for all the drum lessons. I really enjoyed them and a good potion of humor also helps with the inspiration. I never expected african rhythms to be so versatile. Also very educational playing the ensemble… Getting a real feel for what its like to play along with other types of drums.”

Bertil Emil Lahogue Finseth


“Tim is dedicated his life to West African traditional music and he is both brilliant teacher and player. He loves teaching. His passion and enthusiasm for drumming are so powerful. I very much enjoyed his lessons and his strong presence with stability, which is the energy that the solid djembe player has within. And especially in Koh Phangan, where no african drum was happening until I met him, his presence is so appreciated for whoever loves real African music here. Tim always makes sure if you get rhythm in a correct way, which means following the traditions/lineage he is coming from. So it’s for sure that you will really “learn” something and never forget! As he studied from the real African master, he is very knowledgeable to provide information relating to. And Tim is a friendly open person. He is always open for your questions and concerns. I enjoyed not only his classes but also the time we spent together outside of the classes. This is an experience that I am very happy to recommend to others to try, in order to learn the joy of Traditional West-African music and to increase your drumming skills drastically.”

Akari Tamura, Japan


“For myself, MP is one of the top American traditional hand drum masters in all respects of the word! He can play it, shake it. sing it, teach it, tell u all about it, etc, etc. He knows all the parts well enough to teach it very well (in good English too). And he makes it easy & fun to learn from too. On top of that even can teach some of the history re it all too! He is a living traditional hand drum master for much of the traditional percussion works & styles on the planet. No question about it, do NOT miss being able to work & play with him. You will be very glade you did!”

Mr Aya, Thailand


“He’s a great rhythm collector. You will amazed how many endless rhythms and solos he has in his head. Also a great drummer, and great teacher. One trait that you can find in him is that he’s very patient for every student no matter a novice or an advance learners. He understand that learning takes time and specific learning approach for each student. So don’t worry if you’re a beginner. I’m sure he can take you to wherever you’re capable of.”



“Hello everyone. Wanna share my experience about djembe lessons which i receive on island Pangan with Tim Dabrowski. Can definitely say that this lessons really change my opinion about djembe playing process and show me AND fix most of my fails with djembe. After each lesson i feel that my skill really grow up. Even if you think that you can play already, i recommend take some private djembe lessons, where you’ll see how beautiful can be African rhythms and it will change your feeling of playing with djembe. Thanks so much Tim !”

Dmitry, Russia


“I’m a fairly experienced Djembe player, but wanted to learn more about the tradition of West African drumming. I decided to take drum lessons from Tim when I realized he had studied for 10+ years and had the knowledge that would challenge me. Not only is Tim kind and personable, his approach to teaching is tuned to the level of the student, from novice to advanced. His method of “listen and repeat” helped me overcome some hurdles in my “mind” where I sometimes think to much, but he is also patient enough to take the time to explain something when needed. My ability to play and my knowledge of West African drumming has greatly improved from taking Tim’s class. Thanks Tim!”

Luke, USA