Timothy Dabrowski

8587603Hello friends, I am here to teach you how to play Djembe. Why do I like drumming? Because it sets my soul free to fly like a bird through clouds and because it helps me to connect with people in a joyous way. It makes me smile and laugh like a child. It brings the same out of all who listen and enjoy playing the Djembe drum
When I’m not drumming I like to spend my time reading, meditating, doing yoga, enjoying nature, socializing with friends, cooking, dancing, writing poetry, studying martial arts, spending time with my cat, taking long walks in slow forests, doing the backstroke in deep oceans, and living every moment of my life to the fullest.

I have been playing drums 25yrs. I have worked with many Master lever drummers however my principal teacher is Malian Master Drummer Abdoul Doumbia whom I had the privilege of apprenticing with for 10yrs and continue to study with every time I return to Boulder CO.

Abdoul is a GrandMaster Djembe player and has immense knowledge. I recommend anyone approaching this instrument to look him up online for a detailed description of his many accomplishments.

  • 25yrs drumming experience
  • Primary West African teachers Malian Master Drummer Abdoul Doumbia and Guinean Master Drummer Fara Tolno.
  • 10yrs teaching experience